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Kiotos - Glass Buttplug Black O-ring - 12,8 cm
  • Kiotos - Glass Buttplug Black O-ring - 12,8 cm

    SKU: 8719497535507

    The glass dildo, for exciting warm and cold effects

    Beautiful designs by Kiotos Glass dildos of almost unbreakable glass. Who does not know better, thinks that its glass of art on your nightstand. The big advantage of a glass dildo is that you can cool or heat it, to create an extra titillating effect. Keep it under cold or hot water and the glass takes the temperature of the water. The penetration with a hot or cold dildo gives a very different feeling than with a dildo at body temperature.


    Shapes and sizes

    Our glass dildos all have different shapes: from a basic straight glass rod to a curved shape one with different thickenings. They are handmade and almost indestructible and last a lifetime. The lengths vary per dildo.


    Materials and brands

    All our products are of the highest quality. We use innovative materials and unique designs to add greater pleasure to your sex life. Compare these prices with other glass toys and you are quickly convinced that these are the right ones.


    Body SafeYes 
    Diameter3,5 cm 
    Length12,8 cm 
    Width3,5 cm 
    Insertable length6,5 cm