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Modus Vivendi - Plain Knit Cardigan
  • Modus Vivendi - Plain Knit Cardigan

    • comfort box fit cardigan
    • made of smooth lightweight knitted fabric
    • button placket with monochromatic buttons
    • linen blend sewn back panel
    • sewn linen placket with thermo-embossed rubber relief logo on


    MODUS VIVENDI introduces the Crochet Knit Line, reshaping minimalism with designs tailored for individuals who cherish the elegance and allure of simplicity. This comprehensive collection of essentials embodies the notion that "less is more," establishing a fresh benchmark for the modern male wardrobe. Renowned for its innovative approach to fabric selection, MODUS VIVENDI presents Purled designs crafted from sleek knitted fabric seamlessly integrated with linen blend details, all in a monochromatic palette.



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